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The Noblest Companion

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Once upon a time, more than a thousand billion moonlit nights ago, across the seven seas and seven mountains flourished a kingdom, surrounded by deep woods. Anthronio, the noble king, ruled the people with all his love and might. The folks merrily worked in the farms and the towns prospered in riches of business.

Anthronio won many battles and the boundaries of his kingdom touched far-off horizons. In all his battles, he was accompanied by his six trustworthy aides namely, the farsighted Oculus, the delicate damsel Pheromonie, the flexible Patois along with the ever-alert Auscultatie and the most sensitive yet protective Vellum. The sixth aide named Clairvoye followed him like his shadow in every crucial phase of his life.

Even though he had conquered vast empires on the planet, Anthronio felt incomplete. He was eager to achieve something more precious than land. He decided to undertake a journey in the deep woods to assay his trusted lieutenants of their worthiness. The noblest of them would be his dependable companion in the mystical quest.

During their journey, the seven travellers camped beside a pond which bloomed with unique and luminous, rainbow coloured flowers. Oculus leapt to bring one for Anthronio. But no sooner he touched the flower, its petals opened and gobbled up his finger.

“Don’t fall in love only with visual beauty, Oculus. These are beastly flowers. I read about them in the ancient scriptures.” Anthronio said calmly.

Suddenly, Auscultatie rose up to walk. He had the power to listen to sounds coming from miles away. Anthronio pulled him back and said, “Grandfather told me stories about the hypnotizing noises in the woods. Don’t follow the sweet voices blindly. Stay here.”

“Let me taste this sparklingly clean water.” Patois bent over the pond and took a sip. He couldn’t rise but fell down with a great thud. 

Anthronio and his aides carried him and sprinkled the traditional medicinal potion to revive him.

“Never indulge in unknown temptations unless you know how to handle the consequences. The pond is not safe for human consumption.” Anthronio observed.

Hungry and tired, Pheromonie was sniffing the juicy fruits. She was tempted.

“Are you sure you should devour it? It might smell good but maybe it is venomous. Check twice before you act my angelic beauty.” Anthronio threw away the fruit as he knew it was poisonous.

Vellum, who was a mute spectator all this while, grabbed Anthronios’ feet and cried, “Though each one of us carries the Godly power of vision, smell, touch, to listen and taste, yet we failed. You saved us from the wicked hands of death. O Lord, how come?”

Anthronio gazed at Clairvoye and smiled. “He is the one who with his instincts and knowledge warns my soul. You are all my senses…my companions. However, the chariot of the inward journey shall be led by Clairvoye, the sixth sense of knowledge.”

 His quest was over. People lived happily ever after under the rule of Anthronio and his well-tamed six aides.


Photo By: Kit Suman

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