The Swan Song

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You were humming as you did when you were all by yourself. You exercised your stiff shoulder subconsciously, an annoying encumbrance in the last few days.

Light fluttering sensations roused you from your meditative stance. You looked down at your knuckles. A familiar face smiled at you- the tiniest human-like being in midnight blue, with sparkling wings and elf-ears. As usual, it did its happy dance, tickling your skin, making you laugh.

A month to its appearance and since then, it followed you everywhere. It had frightened the bejesus out of you at first, convincing you, you were losing your mind although you felt perfectly fine everywhere else. Soon enough you knew only you could see it and with your laidback nature, you let it be. 

You were beckoned and as you walked away, an echo of your footsteps resounded. You were oblivious to the fact that the winged creature looked on sadly at the dark cloud following you. 

Your mood was light and happy but the discomfort in your shoulders and chest persisted. The humungous crowd, also, made you hesitate.

You considered turning around but the consummate professional in you reconsidered and walked in. The crowds went crazy and you, smiling at them, regaled them without any pause for thought. But you were far from a sale or gimmick. 

As you threw your head back, your electrifying voice resonated a soul so immersed in the craft, it was drenched in its wealth, luminous like the Orion. Magic was just an afterthought. 

You never lost your rhythm when you transcended mortality and dived into the sonorous world. But today, you had to pause and watch time suspend. 

You spotted the creature in blue when you wiped a profusely sweating forehead for the umpteenth time. Was it shining brighter? 

You finished with your signature and took a bow leaving the crowd with the aftereffects of your electrifying presence. But as you walked away, your chest got heavier, and your hands went cold. You couldn’t exercise your shoulders as you would, feeling weighed down. 

You finally sought attention. You saw it again as you were being rushed out. It was no longer in midnight blue but white. Its wings were sparkling gold and it looked at you with both love and sadness. Confused and distracted momentarily, you continued to look at it even as you were led away. 

You felt heaviness overwhelm you and your eyes begin to close. A vacuum settled but just as you felt all the music evaporating, it held your hand. The beautiful AhirBhairav Raaga. You turned. Astonished, you watched it emanate from you – a distant figure surrounded by people. You heard the panic and the distress but for once, you were the mute spectator. 

“Come…” Said the effervescent creature. 

“Am I dead?” You asked. 

“You never shall be….” Smiled the creature- his angel- pointing to a path strewn with musical notes blooming into lotuses as he moved away. 

Breathing life had stilled. Music, however, continued to reverberate. 


Author’s note: 

A tribute to KK- Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath- an immersive part of my growing up. 



AhirBhairav Raaga – A Raaga that starts with being pensive, leads to positivity and hope, and concludes with dispassion and unconditional love. 






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