“Bahadur, what’s up? How is your job going on?”

“Is there any novelty in our type of work, Shyam? We are recruited for security purposes but people in the building premises make us do everything under the firmament. Buying vegetables, taking kids to school and bringing them back, running petty errands.”

“Yea, and then we are blamed for not being on time to open the gate for the cars. By the way, what is in that huge bag that you are carrying?”

“The building secretary asked me to fetch twelve dozen Coca-Cola for the committee meeting. I hope they don’t start hurling the bottles at each other. You must see the sophisticated aura around most of them on other days. These meetings bring out the beast in them. Everyone seizes the opportunity to turn belligerent. What about your building people?”

“They are a couple of levels higher than your building members in fighting. They may be amicably discussing something important and then without as much as an intimation an argument triggers. I bet if there was a machete around, they genuinely wouldn’t mind sliting each other’s throat.”

“I know, inconspicuous things crop up like, ‘ He parked his car in my parking lot or there was a garbage bag in the lift.’ Dirty  accusations would fly like bullets from a rifle.”

“Oh yes! Did I tell you that my building secretary who was wabbit after an attack of covid missed one meeting and bounced back to commence a fresh argument?”

“Why are you laughing? Looks like the argument was pretty juicy, food for some fun. Please tell me, I have ten more minutes to spare before the meeting starts in my building complex.”

“The secretary objected to a quid pro quo that was mooted by the acting secretary to have an arrangement with a neighboring building, to exchange the secretary and chairman for one meeting to watch how they conduct it in their respective premises.”

“I believe the office-bearers would be at their best to impress the members of the other building. I take your secretary’s side of the argument. I don’t get what makes you laugh like this. Have you inhaled nitrous oxide?”

“Bahadur, you are gauging the situation with a straight forward perspective. The problem that my secretary had was that his daughter is having an affair with that chairman’s son and that building’s secretary’s wife has an extramarital affair with our treasurer.  Look now this has tickled your laughter buds too.”

“Hahaha! Sounds too complicated. I don’t think I have heard of any such affairs in my premises. Members there love to fight over the most inconspicuous matters.”

( Bahadur’s phone rings)

“Yes, chairman sir, I am reaching in two minutes.”

“No, you first return nine dozen Coca cola and get three dozen Pepsi, three dozen Mangola and come and make tea for the remaining. The secretary and one of the committee members are having a heated argument about the soft drinks to be served in the meeting.”

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