A memory of the summit

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James: Well, we have covered a mile I guess ,from the base camp. I feel a bit out of breadth already.

Joy: Let us wait a bit, before moving on further. Could you loosen the rope a bit?

James : Hello! Did you feel  or hear a rumble?

Joy: Oh no! Duck! An avalanche is coming our way! God, save us!

(A gust of cold wind and thundering ice comes rolling down ). 

Both the climbers get lucky, as the avalanche of snow has missed them by inches…

Joy: Are you fine? James, are you there? 

James: Oh! I …I am feeling a bit wabbit! I am really not used to this. This is a stiff climb, and then the avalanche.

Joy: You remember, you had said you will not grumble. … I see the firmament above. Let us trudge far up before we reach the craggy point.

James: (to himself..)Had it not been to impress Sarah, I agreed to come along! Well, I will reach the summit. (He, takes a deep breadth, before following Joy).

After an hour or so….

Joy : Here we are! It has been a steep climb, but our will goaded us onward , like a machete sweeping at our fears , specially when the avalanche came almost heaping on us!

James : True brother! Our aura of bravery will become evident from our pics we click, once we reach the summit, come what may!

Joy: Now, stop dreaming and climb up after me.

After a tiresome climb…

Joy: We did it! Hurrah! Shall I get out the video camera? We are surrounded by ice capped peaks. It is a rewarding  experience!

James: Oh yes! Please do! This is the quid pro quo in return of the dangerous and muscle wracking exercise we underwent. 

By the way, could you hand me the box of cookies? I am starving!





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  1. Good one. Through this piece of story, you’ve shown your imaginative skill and plot making, which requires fine tuning only. Keep writing and showcasing your literary art.

    • Thanks, this is my maiden write up for this site. Thank you for reading it. A question, as there is a typing mistake that I overlooked, could I change it now? I wish to change the word breadth to breath. Thank you.