I just wanted to sleep

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Dr Q (into her voice recorder): Time is 1300 hours. Date- 13 th July Friday, place subject- Jeremy Palmer age27.Narco analysis session 1…….. (Looks at the subject lying half conscious attached to the beeping monitor.) Jeremy, can you hear me?
Jeremy: Yes I can.
Dr Q: Can you tell me what happened on Elm Street on 4 th of January around midnight?
Jeremy: I could not sleep, felt wabbit. My head hurt from the accident I had while cleaning windows a week ago. I walked down Elm Street like they said… (Abruptly goes silent)
Dr Q: (lightly taps his cheek) Jeremy…. Jeremy…..Who are they?
Jeremy:  the voices living in my skull….they told me they would help me sleep.
Dr Q: Who did you see on Elm Street on 4th January?
Jeremy:  A girl with an enticing aura, blond, fair, very young. She had aqua eyes and neck like a swan. Just like Ava.
Dr Q: (scribbles the word Ava in her notes followed by a large question mark) did she talk to you Jeremy?
Jeremy: (shakes his head in negation) She did not speak, but I heard her alright. It begged me to help escape. It really pleaded.
Dr Q:  Who pleaded Jeremy? Who asked you to help escape?
Jeremy (swallows a silent sob): The blood in the vein at the nape. It throbbed loud, loud enough to shake the firmament. It drove them crazy. They began to scream.
Dr Q: (adjusts the dosage of the intravenous, checks for Jeremy’s pulse): Who did the throbbing drive crazy, Jeremy?
Jeremy: (after a long pause) the voices inside my skull.  They screamed so loud my head hurt.
Dr Q: what did the voices say Jeremy?
Jeremy:  They said I had to help the blood in her vein escape or else…. (Falls silent again)
Dr Q: (taps his cheeks lightly again) else what Jeremy? What did the voices say Jeremy?
Jeremy:  Or else they would not let me sleep and make my head explode.
Dr Q: (scribbles in her notebook) what did you do then Jeremy?
Jeremy:   (quivers violently and howls in agony) I….I …..
Dr Q: (adjusts the dosage again till breathing stabilizes):  What did you do Jeremy?
Jeremy:  I raised the machete and struck her long swan like neck. The blood escaped like a fountain.  It spurted out everywhere, on my clothes, my hands, my face. It was so warm. Warm like the hot water bath Ava drew for me every night.
Dr Q: (underlines the word ‘Ava’ written in her notes vigorously) what did you do then Jeremy?
Jeremy:  I walked home and slept. It was quid pro quo. The voices…They sang a lullaby, the same one Ava sang for our son. They put me to sleep. The warm blood and lullaby did……  They knew I just wanted to sleep….. A long deep sleep (begins to spasm and grabs his head as the pulsated beep of the monitor goes crazy and flatlines to an eternal sleep.)


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