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Bailiff: This court is now in session, presided by Mother India, to determine the case of Mungerilal vs Bhagwalal. 


Judge: Mungerilal, what are your charges against Bhagwalal? 


Mungerilal:Your Honour, Bhagwalal has mendaciously come into power by making grandiose promises in his manifesto, of providing good governance Maata ji


Judge: Don’t call me Maata in the court of justice! I now call Bhagwalal to present himself in the dock, whom I can’t see. Did he not receive the summons?


Bhagwalal:Bharat Maata ki Jay Ho! I am sorry the election rally lasted longer than expected, so I got delayed. These rallies have sapped all my energy, leaving me wabbit


Judge: For the last time, whoever calls me mother or maata, will be expelled from the court! Why are you holding rallies during Covid pandemic? 


Mungerilal: I can’t go out to work; my kids can’t go to school, but we can participate in those rallies. I die a thousand deaths every day. Why don’t you just stab me with a machete once and for all?


Bhagwalal: Dear respected moth… I am sorry, Your Honour…


Judge: Yes, like a moth you’ve been gnawing away at the country…gradually, slowly. Your cabinet have ministers that have no expertise of portfolio they are handling. 


Bhagwalal: My hands were tied.It was a quid pro quo arrangement for their support during the floor test. I couldn’t renege on my promise to my allies. 


Mungerilal: But you can recant your promises to me? Your honour, I was shown sweet dreams of prosperity. Still waiting for Rs 15 lakhs to show up in my account, I am now paying minimum balance penalty to the bank. 


Bhagwalal: Er… it’s asymptomatic cash…it’s there but you can’t see it… 


Judge: Incredulous!Mungerilal, is that how you elect your government, based on freebies? You want Rs 15 lakhs to appear in your account overnight, you want free washing machines, free electricity! Mungerilal ke haseen sapne, eh? Don’t you think you have also contributed to the deplorable situation that you are in? Bhagwalal didn’t drop from the firmament, nor did he grow on tree. He is one of you, created by you! 


Mungerilal: No, no, not me! I have never voted, Your Honour! 


Judge: All the better, eh? You don’t vote. All you do is fret that democracy isn’t working as it should. Isn’t it your responsibility to choose the correct leader for your representation? Isn’t it your duty to contest election to bring about the change you wish to see if there is no good candidate in the fray?


Bhagwalal: Excuse me, your honour, the matter of governing the country should be best left to us. Mungerilal neither has the experience nor capability to administer.


Judge: Are you challenging my judgement? 


Bhagwalal: Not at all your honour! Your whole divine aura is radiating justice. 


Judge: The court is now adjourned sine die. 


Bhagwalal: Without pronouncing the verdict? 


Judge: Says the man who is familiar with the working of the Indian judiciary! 





Maata – mother 

Bharat – India 

Haseen – beautiful

Sapne – dreams 


Author’s note: 

Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne was a satire that aired on Doordarshan in late 1980s. It was about the hopes and dreams of a typical middle-class Indian. 


Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay


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