A class apart !!

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“Good morning class”


D: Hey you, what do you think you are doing?

P: Don’t you scream at me, it’s the boy. I am just a puppet in his hand.

D: Bloody hell…scratches …ugh!!! It hurts. Could you not show some respect for my brand-new polished surface. 

P: Talking of new, I am fresh off the box too, sharpened to precision.

D: You? A piece of graphite stuck in a wood. Put you in the right hands and you may be done and dusted in a single day or may be even in couple of hours. 

P: Oh really? Then let me leave my mark on you before I become one with the dust. 

D: Alright, I am sorry. Listen, we got to work together. Can you make the boy stop? For god’s sake it is the first day of school year. How can he already have some name to scribble on my polished body. Can you not just break off at the tip?

P: So, he can twist me in his new sharpener? On second thoughts it was not all that bad. This morning…few twists is all it took to scrape that outer layer off me all in a single piece. It must still be there in the box where I lay right beside the strong Mr. Sharpener. He kept me distracted from that grumpy eraser, who rolled off to the edge.

D: Great! You do not mind getting into the grind then. Do me a favour and give up. Save me the disgrace. Look at my neighbour and the perfectly quiet girl on it. And here look at me… already scratches all over.

P: Sorry Mister!! Not your day. The boy is determined. Do you want to know what it says so far? R.A.N….

D: Who cares! It will be something else tomorrow, another thing the next day and so on. 

P: R.A.N.I + A.D.I

D: What?

P: The final words. On your polished body. He has loosened his grip on me. Hopefully, your ordeal is over.

“Adi, Can I borrow your pencil please?”

“Sure Rani.”

P: Take care. Until we meet again. Time for me to switch over to the sweetheart, Rani. 

D: I am sure you will be put to better use now. If only I had prayed harder to land up as a girl’s desk. Scratch free life. I hope I can get some peace now.


D: Ouch it hurts. Who the heck are you now?

C:  Hello! I don't like to go in circles, so to your point, I am the compass.

D: Whatever!! What are you going back and forth on me like that for? Doesn’t the kid have a notebook?

C: Oh …let me see. Nope. Since you are so intrigued, he is holding me tight by my pointed end, making me go over a pattern that reads R.A.N.I + A.D.I. Ugh…someone tell the kid letters do not add. Numbers do. 




D- Desk

P- Pencil

C- Compass 

Image by günter from Pixabay


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