Gimme Red

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I am stirred from sleep in the middle of the night. My sisters are in deep sleep below me. We, the red triplets occupy the bottom part of the rack that housed a bunch of us.

We were raised in the street market. Our sexy frilly neighbours were brought up in exclusive airconditioned boutiques.

Nimble fingers find me. I find myself hauled out. It feels nice to breathe some fresh air. But I also know that this will be just a momentary air of freedom and freshness.

Is it already a month now? My sister was telling me the other day that we would soon have to go to work. I didn’t expect it to be this close. I want more rest. The previous month was a bitter ordeal. 

I wonder if my sister can survive another flood. We are barely six months old. Her body looks stiff and frayed. 

I am held by a hook on the bathroom door, as my owner goes about her chores. 

She picks me  by the edges and waves me into the air a few times violently. I am ruffled.

I remember why she does this. Last time we had visitors in our rack. Few friendly red ants were checking out for food. Couple of them fell asleep in my lap only to wake up on my owner’s huge rumps. In their struggle to escape, their stingers penetrated her skin. Unfortunately, her moods are not the best in these times.  I vividly remember her smashing her heels on us on the floor to annihilate the red ants that stung her butt.

After being shaken and stirred, I find myself going up through shapely legs, a small tuck at the knee and through a tighter passage over the thick thighs.

This would be my abode for a major part of the day. A winged alien makes its grand entry and settles down abreast me. I hope this one behaves. The last one almost drowned us in blood as it kept moving about from its position. My owner goes back to sleep. I don’t dare to sleep. As daylight breaks, I sense moisture seeping through my alien friend. Poor thing. She will be replaced soon.

We look at each other as we bid goodbyes. We realize that we are the most intimate and responsible objects in our owner’s life. We care for her safety, modesty and comfort.  We give her the confidence to be normal during those testing days of every month. That’s a job well done.

Why us! My siblings often lament. 

Because we are Red.

Red symbolizes courage, sacrifice, and love or anger and dangers, the extreme ends of the spectrum.

The day ends for me uneventfully. I just wish she had eaten better food and spared me from near asphyxiation.

A drab of perfumed detergent is sprayed over me.

I wait in the bucket for my long cold refreshing shower. 

I wink at my sister, waiting for her turn on the hook.


PC:  Sanitary Pad & Smoking Kills Commercial


The story is a humble attempt at tangible humour and there is no intent to portray  women and their bodily functions in a negative light.


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