• Fast Buck

    With a nonplussed look, Vivek watched as Rajan Bhai instructed his son, Montu, to stuff the bag with bottles of Vodka. “Confused?” Rajan Bhai laughed,...2 min

  • Sita’s Wig

    The idea struck when they were balancing on one leg holding each other’s ears on the bench. Mir and Bhanu decided now its enough, time...2 min

  • The Lost Hour

    Saturday, 1st April 2006 Meera rolled down the windows of her cab for a breath of fresh air. Unlike the humid air from back home,...2 min

  • The Freak

     Mrs.Rose BarnOwl got up with a start as the grandfather clock of Mr. McDonald’s Barn struck twelve. How scary these human beings are, making devices...2 min

  • 0000 Hrs

    23rd June 2012 – 0000 Hrs – Her mobile started buzzing and the name that flashed surprised Geetha. It was Gautam, her batchmate from NDA...2 min

  • A New Dawn

    The summer sun is shining bright but the valley resonates a deafening silence. Beads of perspiration coat my temple, the excruciating pain restrain me from...2 min

  • Trapped

    11:55 pm Sameera watched closely as the second’s hand moved painfully across the face of her antique wall clock, aching to conjoin with the minute...2 min

  • Kohl and Concealer 

    Niranjan Shastri for the umpteenth time pranced to the door and returned. The bell had rung twice and he waited not very patiently for it...2 min

  • Grandma

    The daily azaan woke her up. She looked at the wall-clock; it was 4:55 am. Getting up with little difficulty, she placed the pillow vertically...2 min

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