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The Heart Knows.

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“I cannot believe I am here. I have been feeling mighty wabbit since my migraine episode yesterday.”

“Hush now, Althea my dear. She will be here soon.”

“You have a strange aura surrounding you, nurse Robyn. It’s almost as though you are enjoying my discomfiture.”

“This is no ordinary rendezvous, Althea. What you are feeling is natural.”

“Well, I wasn’t about to get out of bed today. Boris, my worse half, almost took a machete to me. He himself wasn’t ready for today so he sent me by myself.I realise we had requested this meeting but now that the day has arrived, I am finding it so difficult. Nurse Robyn, you are aware of the circumstances that led to us losing our only child, our beautiful teenage son, Cage.”

“I understand, Althea. I have been working on your request for the past six months.”

“I am sh-shaking. Could I rest for a bit, Robyn?”

“My home is your home. Rest here till she arrives.”


“Nurse Robyn. Sorry I dozed off. Has she arrived?”

“Yes indeed. She is in the drawing room, Althea.”

“H-hold my hand, Robyn dear.”

“I got you. Come along.”

“Where is she? I don’t see anyone. Why do you have that strange look on your face, Robyn?”

“My dear Althea. It is me. I am Rebecca Cook. I was the fortunate soul that received your darling Cage’s heart.”

“I don’t believe this! You, Nurse Robyn White was Rebecca Cook all along?”

“Indeed my dear. I was born with a congenital heart defect. As I grew up it only got worse. Only a heart transplant could save me. At the hospital, my father learnt of Cage’s tragic drowning episode and that he was in a coma for six days. When doctors gave up, your magnanimous heart, dear Althea, decided to donate Cage’s heart. Here, put your hand on my chest. Cage lives here, in me.”

“But why didn’t you tell me earlier, Rebecca?”

“I happened to join the same hospital in my first year of nursing. Thanks to you, I was able to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse. When I came to know of your request, I used my dearly departed mother’s maiden name, Robyn White and approached you. Forgive me, I wished to come to know a little more about my saviours.”

“No wonder I took to you in an instant. Cage’s light shines through, dear Rebecca. I’d love to meet you more often.”

“Most definitely. You may call it a quid pro quo of sorts. You get to touch a part of Cage. As for me? I get a friend, nay, dare I say, a mother, in you.




pic credit : Unsplash: Elias Maurer

Authors Note: Donor  and receipients families almost never meet. In the rare circumstance that they do, beautiful and lifelong bonds have been created.

The author firmly believes that it would be a grave error to take your body to the grave. Organ donation is a must.













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  1. After a hiatus….. doesn’t seem so after reading your masterpiece. Well done. Hoping to find more such poignant tale now.