Pinki: Oh God! Look at these people flocking, rather ogling at the cloth-deficient star who might have arrived. Why are they hooting and cheering so much? 

Is she for real? How did she turn into such a gorgeous lady! It is her!

Oh my god! Is she really walking towards me? I am feeling a bit wabbit.

Rubina: I can’t believe this. Fatso, isn’t it you? Where have you been?

Pinki: Is it you, Ruby, for real? Did you recognize me?

Rubina: Yes, it is me! But shhh.. don’t call me Ruby loudly. Come with me.

Pinki: Where to?  

Rubina: Oh ho… Just come on, let’s escape from the media and the crowd. Do you know of a secluded place in this mall? I am fed up with my bodyguards and the public who never seem to leave me.

Pinki: They will, after all, you have become a top-notch celebrity! I can’t believe my luck!  

Rubina: I am not a celebrity to you. I am the same old Ruby for you.

Pinki:  You are now a shining star in Bollywood’s firmament. How did this happen? Um…Let’s get inside here, no one can come here.

Rubina: How are you? Tell me how have you been?

Pinki: My story is the same old boring one, I am working as a journalist. Well, my life has no spice.

Rubina: Haha… But you are so lucky to live a normal life, breathe freely, eat anything you like, go anywhere you want without being followed.

Pinki: Hey, why do you look gloomy?

Rubina: Hmm. Perception is deceptive! This profession is not meant for all. I was coerced into it. I feel so bummed out.

Pinki: Hey, relax. So, how’s it being an actress, tell me all about it?

Rubina: Well, I never wanted to be an actress, you know right?

Pinki: Yes, but you kinda vanished, left without saying goodbye.

Rubina: I didn’t vanish. Acting was never my thing. My father lost a lot of money in his business and my getting into acting was nothing but a quid pro quo.

Pinki: What?

Rubina: I had to do what the director asked me to do as my father took funds from him. I never had a choice.

Pinki: Ohh… So, Ruby, if you don’t mind, is that news true?

Rubina: Arghh! Sadly, yes but the story is partially made up. That casting director is a leech. I was framed, Pinki. I feel like picking up a machete and putting it to use.

Pinki: Ruby, you know better than that.

Rubina: Your aura is the only thing that can instantly calm, soothe and cheer me.  

Pinki: I am so glad to meet you today. The door-next girl Ruby has transformed into a chic celebrity.

I am going to let my boss know that I have a hot scoop! Ruby, I am sorry but today was my last chance to save my job. Hope you understand!


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