Husband “ What’s for dinner today?  I am famished . There is so much work in the office that I really get wabbit by the evening.”

Wife,” Late again? Your office closes at five and now it is eight.”

Husband,” Spent some time with Nitin . I saved another marriage today . It took two hours  to slap some sense into his mind.”

Wife, “ Hmmm.”

Husband,” These young boys ! Always blame their wives if something goes wrong.”

Wife,” Any problem?

Husband,” Just communication gap , when a husband is not able to get time for wife they are bound to fall apart. I told him to talk to her, compliment her, take her to a movie or restaurant off and on . Involve her in family’s decision, but ——-.”

Wife,” Please slow down a bit .You are gobbling your food as if someone is after you with a machete  .”

Husband,” My  colleague Meera says that I have wonderful aura about me. Our marriage is considered to be perfect in the office.’ ‘A  SPECIAL COUPLE FROM THE FIRMAMENT’ they call us .I am considered a relationship expert in the office.”

Wife,”Please stop now—-“

Husband,” Look at you ! Most of the ladies have a complaint that their husbands don’t have time to talk to them and you want me to stop .”

Wife ,’ Just listen to me ————.”

Husband,” Oh ,yes, lest I forget, Our boss  will be coming to dinner on Sunday. You know this is promotion time ,”

Wife, “Sunday ? Didn’t I tell you that I am visiting Mom on Sunday? Rani didi is also coming. You had promised to accompany me.”

Husband,”Ohh, I forgot. This was the only time slot free with him. You know there is a race to invite him these days.”

Wife,” Won’t it be a quid pro quo ? Why don’t they promote people on merit basis ?”

Husband, “ Don’t be funny. You don’t have any idea about the cut – throat competition.”

Wife,” Hmm. can we go to the market  tomorrow?”

Husband,” I don’t think so, I have promised Rohit to give some hints on improving his family life. Why don’t you ask some friend to accompany you?”

Wife,” Friend ? “

Husband,” I always tell my friends that wives should be given some space.Let them enjoy with the friends.
But most of them are so orthodox and even suspicious.”

Wife, “ Are they ?”

Husband,” I  am going upstairs. Will need a cup of coffee before sleeping.”

Wife,” Listen —“

Husband,” Now what is it ? I think we have had enough of conversation. I want to rest now.”

Wife ,” Now stop and listen. Tomorrow I am going to visit mom ALL ALONE . You will look after the children.
Find some excuse to cancel dinner for I will not be here on Sunday. “

“ And one thing more. I am going to sleep, prepare your coffee yourself. GOOD NIGHT ! “

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