Made For Each Other

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Husband “ What’s for dinner today?  I am famished . There is so much work in the office that I really get wabbit by the evening.”

Wife,” Late again? Your office closes at five and now it is eight.”

Husband,” Spent some time with Nitin . I saved another marriage today . It took two hours  to slap some sense into his mind.”

Wife, “ Hmmm.”

Husband,” These young boys ! Always blame their wives if something goes wrong.”

Wife,” Any problem?

Husband,” Just communication gap , when a husband is not able to get time for wife they are bound to fall apart. I told him to talk to her, compliment her, take her to a movie or restaurant off and on . Involve her in family’s decision, but ——-.”

Wife,” Please slow down a bit .You are gobbling your food as if someone is after you with a machete  .”

Husband,” My  colleague Meera says that I have wonderful aura about me. Our marriage is considered to be perfect in the office.’ ‘A  SPECIAL COUPLE FROM THE FIRMAMENT’ they call us .I am considered a relationship expert in the office.”

Wife,”Please stop now—-“

Husband,” Look at you ! Most of the ladies have a complaint that their husbands don’t have time to talk to them and you want me to stop .”

Wife ,’ Just listen to me ————.”

Husband,” Oh ,yes, lest I forget, Our boss  will be coming to dinner on Sunday. You know this is promotion time ,”

Wife, “Sunday ? Didn’t I tell you that I am visiting Mom on Sunday? Rani didi is also coming. You had promised to accompany me.”

Husband,”Ohh, I forgot. This was the only time slot free with him. You know there is a race to invite him these days.”

Wife,” Won’t it be a quid pro quo ? Why don’t they promote people on merit basis ?”

Husband, “ Don’t be funny. You don’t have any idea about the cut – throat competition.”

Wife,” Hmm. can we go to the market  tomorrow?”

Husband,” I don’t think so, I have promised Rohit to give some hints on improving his family life. Why don’t you ask some friend to accompany you?”

Wife,” Friend ? “

Husband,” I always tell my friends that wives should be given some space.Let them enjoy with the friends.
But most of them are so orthodox and even suspicious.”

Wife, “ Are they ?”

Husband,” I  am going upstairs. Will need a cup of coffee before sleeping.”

Wife,” Listen —“

Husband,” Now what is it ? I think we have had enough of conversation. I want to rest now.”

Wife ,” Now stop and listen. Tomorrow I am going to visit mom ALL ALONE . You will look after the children.
Find some excuse to cancel dinner for I will not be here on Sunday. “

“ And one thing more. I am going to sleep, prepare your coffee yourself. GOOD NIGHT ! “


The Heart Knows.
The Master Piledriver


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  1. A very smooth flow of dialogues has made it a good read, Ma’am. You’ve perfectly placed dining table chit- chat into the story and excelled in its execution.

    • Thanks Kishore Jha for liking the story. After reading so many nice stories I had almost dropped the idea of writing.

  2. This reminds me of someone who used to act exactly like the Husband here. He was famous for being the marriage expert in our office but ended up in a bitter divorce. Great one, Sarita Khullar Mam.
    Thanks for writing!