Husband: Can I get a cup of hot coffee? It has been a hard day at work. My head is splitting awfully. 

Wife: Oh is it?. You know I had a very smooth day at work. My head isn’t in pain at all. God has given me some superpower. I can not only make coffee for you but can do any job  you dictate under the firmament.

Husband: Please don’t start all over again. If neighbours hear you screaming like this they may think I am assaulting you with a machete.

Wife: That is the only thing left for you to do now. You just sit back and order me to prepare things with that sophisticated aura around you. Don’t you realise I am doing a 9 to 5 job too?

Husband: Forget the coffee,  what is for dinner? And please don’t tell me it is aloo puri or lady’s finger. I am tired of eating the monotonous cuisine.

Wife: Yes, aloo puri it is. And why is his majesty tired of eating that? Why don’t you take that extra trouble our neighbour, Mr. Chopra is taking to get vegetables from the market? Due to lockdown we get only limited vegetables with the road side vendor; potatoes, onions and lady’s finger.

Husband: Why don’t we enter into a quid pro quo with the Chopras?

Wife: Enter into what?

Husband: Let Mr. Chopra not buy the three vegetables, potato, onion and lady’s finger from the market. Instead let him buy an extra of another three vegetables. We will take the extra and in return give them these three vegetables.

Wife: You are going to get the best business strategy award this year; quid pro quo, my foot!!!

The bell rings.

Mrs Chopra: Hi, we had some guests for dinner. Two of them backed out. I thought before you start preparing the dinner I shall give you the extra food. It would save you a great lot of strain.

Wife: Wow!!! Mrs. Chopra, it is so very kind of you. I was just reluctantly pushing myself into the kitchen for preparing dinner.

Husband: Thank you,  Mrs. Chopra, I am sure it must be something mouth watering. My wife was telling Mr.Chopra goes to the market to get a variety of vegetables. I hardly find the time, so we make do with whatever is available nearby during this lockdown period.

Mrs. Chopra: Yes, my husband does go to the market once a fortnight. But since the last fortnight he has been a bit wabbit after heavy official work. So I too had to make do with the vegetables available with the roadside vendor. Here, take the dinner. You can return the vessels tomorrow. No hurry.

Mrs. Chopra leaves. 

Husband looks at wife with disappointment as they open the lids of the vessels to find aloo puri and lady’s finger curry.







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